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Our Mosaic Trisomy 16 Stories

All of these stories were written by parents of children with Mosaic Trisomy 16 and reflect an honest and personal account of the family's experience with a specific disorder. To protect our children's privacy last names are withheld. Within each age category children are listed from youngest to oldest.

18 years and up   13-17 years   10-12 years 5-9 years   4 years and under
Megan   Cameron   Charrelle   Alexandra   Ella
Rebecca   Emily Marie   Kevin   Allison   Juliette
Shayna Jailin Noah Carter   Leyna
Veronica Rose   Kerah   Ryan   Linda   Vanessa
Madison Sean Lola Zoe
    Madison V.   Seija   Thomas (UPD)    
                Our Angels