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Charrelle March 2004


Mosaic Trisomy 16

Editorial note: English is not Charrelle's mother's first language, so some of the information may not have translated perfectly.

With 7 weeks of pregnancy I had a echo because I lost some blood, I was 100% sure that I was 7 weeks but they saw only an empty bag so they said that I had a miscarriage.

One week later I had another echo and they saw a little heartbeat!

I was 6 weeks pregnant instead of 8 weeks. So I had a positive test when I was 1 week pregnant and that is strange...

At 17 weeks I had another echo because I was afraid that the baby not was healthy, but everything was all right (the baby was too small afterwards).

At 28 weeks I had another echo because the baby was too small and I had a high blood pressure (hypertension) So I went to the gyn and she said that the baby was too small but not that small that she had worries. I had also had a ctg (A babymoniter to register the baby's heartbeat in the pregnancy) and that was not good. It had a straight line (too low activity) and my blood pressure was higher! I had to come back the next day and it was again not good so I had to stay!

My gyn thought that the baby had 2 vessels instead of 3 so I had to go for a screening echo. He told me hat the baby just was small and she had 3 vessels but 1 was very thin. I had to come back a week later. Again he said everything was all right. He did suggest we check the amniotic fluid, so I did.

At 32 weeks I had go to another hospital with a neonatal division because sometimes the baby's heartbeat became low and my blood pressure became very high.

In that hospital I heard the news that the baby had trisomy 16 mosaic. They could tell us very little about that: she would probably not survive or she could be heavily handicapped. The geneticist also told us that I might want to go home so that the baby could pass away in my belly, warm and safe with no noise and no cold and no needles.

2 days later I was back to stay in my old hospital because I had pregnancy poisoning (preeclampsia).

I had also a conversation with my gyn (I still will be a fan J ) and the paediatrician. They asked if we sure about our choice, so we told our wishes and decided that we will try get the baby born alive.

I had at the same time a Ctg and that wasn't good at all! I had felt her very little, so I had a emperor incision, that was the only time I was not afraid and I knows that had everything had to come alright. So there she was born at 33.6 weeks pregnancy 1305 gram and she did it perfect!

First they heard an extra heartbeat but that went a few days later and the heart echo was good.

She went home when she was 6 weeks and 2305 gram.
Despite everything I had a great time in the hospital. I fought back the fear with humour.

I would like to thank Dr Zandvoort and Dr Fick for the help, care, support and the laughter.

And now? Charrelle is doing fine! You find nothing about her with the trisomy. She is 10 months old and weighs over 12 pounds. She is a easy baby who is always happy. I'm the happiest person in the world because she is still with us.

Charrelle Winter 2004  UPDATE Winter 2004 

Charrelle is now one year and 6 months and she doing it very good! She can walk, but it is a little bit scary for her so she won't walk far.
She doesn't speak yet, and she is know 9,5 kilo and 72 cm she is a little girl, and she is always happy!




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