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Mosaic Trisomy 16

Jailin is doing great! She turns one today. She's finally a size one in shoes. She looks like a five month old, but that's OK. Ever since I had Jailin a lot has happened. We've been through rough times. Jailin has been through her ups and downs. They put tubes in her ears because of all the infections she was having. Because her nose is so narrow in the inside she has a lot of trouble breathing especially when she has a cold.

Jailin is finally crawling like a soldier in combat; she looks really cute. They wanted her to take physical and speech therapy because she is behind in her skills. I didn't take her because it was once a week for a half hour, to do the exact same things I do at home. The funny thing is that when I take her to her appointments, she either starts doing what they said she needed to do or even more. This baby can really surprise you. The doctors are still amazed at how great she looks. Her pediatrician enjoys seeing her because she is his only patient with mosiac trisomy 16. He thinks Jailin is very unique and beautiful.

I still think back to the day the geneticist told me that I only had a week left to terminate. That the baby's rate of survival was very low. That she probably wouldn't make it a year. Well, guess they were wrong!

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