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Veronica Rose

Mosaic Trisomy 16

Sixteen weeks into my wife's pregnancy (approximately May 1991), my wife (Linda) received a phone call from her doctor saying "schedule an appointment with some specialists at Mayo Clinic ASAP because our baby's head shape didn't appear normal on our first ultrasound." We waited at least one week before getting an appointment at Mayo Clinic with Dr. Nye. After extensive tests and more ultrasounds, we were told Veronica had "mosaic trisomy 16" and that her prognosis wasn't good. Dr. Nye stated a miscarriage, stillbirth, or a baby born with many problems (breathing, mental retardation, etc.) were the most likely scenarios based on research involving mosaic trisomy 16.

We were encouraged to consider abortion because of the expected poor outcome. We didn't feel abortion was the right thing to do, so we chose to bring Veronica into this world regardless of her prognosis. No one allowed us to get out hopes up and believe we would have a positive outcome. They (medical professionals) believed we needed to face the reality that the research suggested would happen to Veronica. We enlisted the support of our church in prayer for Veronica. On 10/19/91. Veronica Rose was born at 3 pounds 11 ounces. She came early (5/6 weeks) which we were told lessened her chances of surviving. However, after four weeks in the hospital, we brought her home to live or die with our family.

Fortunately, Veronica was a "fighter" who is now doing very well (6 years old) in kindergarten. She isn't in any way learning disabled, but she does have a "lazy eye" which is being corrected by patches and glasses. She is very petite (41 1/2 inches tall; 36 pounds) in size, but overall, we feel blessed that God gave us every minute we've had with her.

Veronica 2004  UPDATE OCTOBER 2004 

Veronica is currently in the 7th grade. She made the "A" Honor Roll for all four quarters last year, and is currently trying out for the tennis team. She hopes to go our for track in the spring. On October 19, she officially becomes a teenager! She is doing extremely well.


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