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We are committed to providing information and support to families dealing with the diagnosis of Mosaic Trisomy 16 disorder. While much more research needs to be done to fully comprehend this rare disorder, we hope that we can help parents and medical professionals better understand this diagnosis and its potential implications.

Here on our website, in addition to finding information about Mosaic Trisomy 16 disorder, you can read the personal stories of our children affected by Mosaic Trisomy 16 abnormalities and get connected to other parents who have experienced the same diagnosis. Please contact us for more information.


Congratulations to Shayna Lange!!

Shayna Shayna 2015

We are excited to share some recent news from Karen Lange, the Founder of DOC16. She writes: Not only did our daughter Shayna, the allegedly "unable to survive or will be extremely handicapped creature" prove her doctors 100% wrong in all ways by getting a 25 on her ACT, graduating with a 3.2 GPA AND getting accepted by an extremely selective private college that only accepts 400 kids from all over the world, but on top of all this, they gave her a $20,000 Gates Leadership Scholarship. Shayna is now heading into her sophomore year of college.

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